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S.No.NameTutorial NameClassSubjectNo of LikesDate of SubmissionVideo LinkCourtesy
1Kinjal Thacker PGTData analysis using pythonXIIInfo.Pract.12021-02-26 22:07:38Open VideoThe Classroom
2Kinjal Thacker PGTReal life data analysis project using python pandaXIIInfo.Pract.12021-02-21 23:17:15Open VideoThe Classroom
3Deepak GuptaPython Introduction BasicsXIIComp.Sc.152021-01-28 20:29:50Open VideoDWeb Solutions
4Deepak GuptaPython Function BasicsXIIComp.Sc.132021-01-27 17:56:28Open VideoDWeb Solutions
5Deepak GuptaPython Function BasicsXIIComp.Sc.152021-01-27 17:56:23Open VideoDWeb Solutions
6Kinjal Thacker PGTOutput prediction questionsXIIInfo.Pract.172021-01-24 15:28:50Open VideoThe Classroom
7Ms. Swati Chawla (PGT Computer)Strategy for Board Exams | Tips to prepare for Board Exams, How to achieve TARGET 100/100XIIComp.Sc.272021-01-10 18:16:58Open VideoMs. Swati Chawla
8Shubham Soni The Guider Important Topics For Computer Science XIIComp.Sc.212021-01-07 19:24:44Open VideoYouTube
9BHUVNESH JANGIDCh-10 Dictionary in PythonXIComp.Sc.182021-01-06 21:47:27Open VideoMr. Bhuvnesh Jangid
10Ms. Swati Chawla (PGT Computer)Output Based Question (String)XIComp.Sc.212020-12-30 11:20:16Open VideoMs. Swati Chawla
11Ms. Swati Chawla (PGT Computer)Case Study Based Questions of MYSQLXIIComp.Sc.182020-12-30 11:19:13Open VideoMs. Swati Chawla
12Ms. Swati Chawla (PGT Computer)Python Program to swap first half with second half only if sum of 1st half is greater than 2nd half.XIIComp.Sc.162020-12-30 11:18:17Open VideoMs. Swati Chawla
13Ms. Swati Chawla (PGT Computer)Schedule WHatsApp Message using Python (Just 2 Lines of Code)XIIComp.Sc.192020-12-30 11:17:03Open VideoMs. Swati Chawla
14Ms. Swati Chawla (PGT Computer)MYSQL Important QuestionsXIIComp.Sc.182020-12-30 11:15:54Open VideoMs. Swati Chawla
15Ms. Swati Chawla (PGT Computer)PYQs of Functions (Part-2)XIIComp.Sc.242020-12-30 11:14:26Open VideoMs. Swati Chawla
16Ms. Swati Chawla (PGT Computer)PYQs of Functions (Part-1)XIIComp.Sc.192020-12-30 11:13:23Open VideoMs. Swati Chawla
17Ms. Swati Chawla (PGT Computer)Cyber SafetyXIIComp.Sc.162020-12-30 11:11:56Open VideoMs. Swati Chawla
18Kinjal Thacker PGTIP project using tkinter-Class 12 part 4XIIInfo.Pract.242020-12-10 06:33:45Open VideoThe Classroom
19Sanjay Parmar PGT CSPractical Python Pandas I Creating SeariesXIIInfo.Pract.322020-12-09 18:38:29Open Video#TutorialAICSIP on Youtube
20Sanjay Parmar PGT Computer ScienceCBSE Sample Paper 2021 | IP Paper Part A Short Answer Questions ExplainedXIIComp.Sc.272020-12-09 07:43:14Open VideoTutorialAICSIP
21Codipy MohitRevision of Python Class 12XIIComp.Sc.332020-12-08 23:07:13Open VideoCodipy Mohit
22Codipy MohitClass 12 Python Chapterwise NOTESXIIComp.Sc.182020-12-08 23:05:29Open VideoCodipy Mohit
23Codipy MohitClass 12 Python PlaylistXIIComp.Sc.212020-12-08 23:03:34Open VideoCodipy Mohit
24Codipy MohitData Structure PlaylistXIIComp.Sc.212020-12-08 23:02:02Open VideoCodipy Mohit
25Codipy Mohit5+ Investigatory ProjectsXIIComp.Sc.362020-12-08 22:56:33Open VideoCodipy Mohit
26Sanjay ParmarNCERT Solutions Chapter 1XIInfo.Pract.272020-12-08 17:04:34Open VideoTutorialAICSIP
27Sanjay Parmar PGT CSImport data into dataframe from CSVXIIInfo.Pract.282020-12-08 17:00:42Open Video
28Kinjal Thacker PGTCreating project using tkinter-Class 12 IP project Part 3XIIInfo.Pract.322020-11-29 18:38:04Open VideoThe classroom
29Kinjal Thacker PGTMultiple windows in Tkinter GUIXIIInfo.Pract.282020-11-28 20:52:26Open VideoThe classroom
30Ms. Swati Chawla (PGT Computer)Sample Paper of CSXIIComp.Sc.312020-11-27 20:13:45Open VideoMs. Swati Chawla
31Ms. Swati Chawla (PGT Computer)Linear Search and Binary SearchXIIComp.Sc.342020-11-27 20:12:57Open VideoMs. Swati Chawla
32Ms. Swati Chawla (PGT Computer)Important Questions of Interface Python with MYSQLXIIComp.Sc.392020-11-27 20:12:27Open VideoMs. Swati Chawla
33Ms. Swati Chawla (PGT Computer)1 Shot Video of Interface Python with MYSQLXIIComp.Sc.302020-11-27 20:11:40Open VideoMs. Swati Chawla
34Ms. Swati Chawla (PGT Computer)1 Shot Video on Data Structures (Stack and Queue)XIIComp.Sc.322020-11-27 20:11:01Open VideoMs. Swati Chawla
35Ms. Swati Chawla (PGT Computer)Output Based Questions XIIComp.Sc.292020-11-27 20:10:12Open VideoMs. Swati Chawla
36Ms. Swati Chawla (PGT Computer)Cyber SafetyXIComp.Sc.322020-11-27 20:08:44Open VideoMs. Swati Chawla
37Santanu GhatakREVIEW OF AGGREGATE FUNCTIONS IN MYSQLXIIInfo.Pract.332020-11-25 19:59:40Open Video
38Dr.Chandan Srisvastava 14:55:12Open VideoCbytes
39Kinjal Thacker PGTIP project Part 2XIIInfo.Pract.282020-11-22 17:07:56Open VideoThe classroom
40Anurag Singh (Student)Program of python for class 12th project with project fileXIIComp.Sc.272020-11-14 15:01:09Open VideoPYTHON PROJECT
41Ms. Swati Chawla (PGT Computer)Python Project on Payroll Management System using Python and MYSQL ConnectivityXIIComp.Sc.312020-11-13 20:39:31Open VideoMs. Swati Chawla
42Ms. Swati Chawla (PGT Computer)1 Shot Video of Python LibrariesXIIComp.Sc.292020-11-13 20:37:06Open VideoMs. Swati Chawla
43Ms. Swati Chawla (PGT Computer)1 Shot Video of Computer NetworksXIIComp.Sc.412020-11-13 20:36:27Open VideoMs. Swati Chawla
44Ms. Swati Chawla (PGT Computer)1 Shot Video of File HandlingXIIComp.Sc.342020-11-13 20:35:54Open VideoMs. Swati Chawla
45Ms. Swati Chawla (PGT Computer)1 Shot Video of Database and MYSQLXIIComp.Sc.372020-11-13 20:35:10Open VideoMs. Swati Chawla
46p johnsi rani ,PGT #seriesXIIComp.Sc.362020-11-06 11:34:57Open Video
47p johnsi rani ,PGT #seriesXIIComp.Sc.292020-11-06 11:34:00Open Video
48p johnsi rani ,PGT #PythonRevisionTourXIIComp.Sc.342020-11-06 11:27:13Open Video
49Ms. Swati Chawla (PGT Computer)1 Shot Video on Database Concepts and MYSQLXIIComp.Sc.352020-11-01 20:38:19Open VideoMs. Swati Chawla
50Ms. Swati Chawla (PGT Computer)1 Shot Video of Python Revision TourXIIComp.Sc.422020-11-01 20:36:42Open VideoMs. Swati Chawla
51Tanmay, PGT CSDatabase JoinsXIIComp.Sc.302020-10-28 12:10:57Open VideoYouTube Channel: cbsecsip
52Tanmay, PGT CSClass 12 IP Question Paper AnalysisXIIInfo.Pract.292020-10-28 12:08:53Open VideoYouTube Channel: cbsecsip
53DEEPA TPython TutorialXIIComp.Sc.342020-10-26 19:25:47Open VideoGyan Deepam
54Ms. Swati Chawla (PGT Computer)Functions in Python Complete Chapter in 1 VideoXIIComp.Sc.432020-10-24 19:25:35Open VideoMs. Swati Chawla
55SURYA PRATAP SINGHImport/Export data between SQLite Database and Python PandasXIIInfo.Pract.312020-10-24 12:35:33Open VideoCodAcharya
56SURYA PRATAP SINGHImport/Export data between SQLite Database and Python PandasXIIInfo.Pract.6162020-10-24 12:35:25Open VideoCodAcharya
57SURYA PRATAP SINGHImport/Export data between SQLite Database and Python PandasXIIInfo.Pract.312020-10-24 12:34:05Open VideoCodAcharya
58Ms. Swati Chawla (PGT Computer)Questions based on Operator PrecedenceXIIComp.Sc.362020-10-17 13:49:19Open VideoMs. Swati Chawla
59Ms. Swati Chawla (PGT Computer)CBSE issued Sample Paper - Part – B (Section 3)XIIComp.Sc.362020-10-14 15:37:29Open VideoMs. Swati Chawla
60Ms. Swati Chawla (PGT Computer)CBSE issued Sample Paper Part - B (Section 1 and 2 )XIIComp.Sc.302020-10-14 15:36:32Open VideoMs. Swati Chawla
61Ms. Swati Chawla (PGT Computer)CBSE issued Sample Paper - Part – A XIIComp.Sc.3522020-10-14 15:34:23Open VideoMs. Swati Chawla
62Kinjal Thacker PGTCreating project using tkinter- XIIInfo.Pract.422020-10-11 22:03:06Open VideoThe classroom
63Ms. Swati Chawla (PGT Computer)Sample Paper - 2 (Solved)XIIComp.Sc.492020-10-04 16:27:20Open VideoMs. Swati Chawla
64Bhuvnesh Jangid11 CS CHAP 1 PART 2XIComp.Sc.502020-10-04 16:05:59Open VideoBHUVNESH JANGID
65Ms. Swati Chawla (PGT Computer)Tuple - Objective Type QuestionsXIIComp.Sc.432020-09-30 14:58:46Open VideoMs. Swati Chawla
66Ms. Swati Chawla (PGT Computer)Sample Paper-1 (CBSE Class XII - CS)XIIComp.Sc.412020-09-27 18:42:55Open VideoMs. Swati Chawla
67Ms. Swati Chawla (PGT Computer)Tuples - IntroductionXIComp.Sc.422020-09-25 12:57:30Open VideoMs. Swati Chawla
68555-555-0199@example.com555-555-0199@example.comXIInfo.Pract.522020-09-24 12:08:02Open
69Gaurav GargUsing Python Libraries | in one VideoXIIComp.Sc.452020-09-23 04:16:30Open VideoTopperg Live
70Ms. Swati Chawla (PGT Computer)Objective Type Questions of Computer NetworkXIIComp.Sc.502020-09-21 13:17:14Open VideoMs. Swati Chawla
71Ms. Swati Chawla (PGT Computer)Python Application - Guess the Word (PUZZLE)XIIComp.Sc.582020-09-20 13:38:48Open VideoMs. Swati Chawla
72Ms. Swati Chawla (PGT Computer)Standard input / output and error streams, relative and absolute paths.XIIComp.Sc.642020-09-17 15:52:37Open VideoMs. Swati Chawla
73Tanmay, PGT CSLogic GatesXIComp.Sc.412020-09-13 19:36:39Open VideoYouTube Channel @cbsecsip
74Ms. Swati Chawla (PGT Computer)Objective Type Questions of Binary FilesXIIComp.Sc.432020-09-12 15:22:43Open VideoMs. Swati Chawla
75Ms. Swati Chawla (PGT Computer)Objective Type Questions of CSV FilesXIIComp.Sc.502020-09-12 15:22:00Open VideoMs. Swati Chawla
76Ms. Swati Chawla (PGT Computer)Python to read lines from a text file and write those lines in a file which are not starting with β€XIIComp.Sc.512020-09-12 15:21:11Open VideoMs. Swati Chawla
77Ms. Swati Chawla (PGT Computer)Program to read lines from a text file and write those lines in a file that does not contain charactXIIComp.Sc.412020-09-12 15:20:13Open VideoMs. Swati Chawla
78Ms. Swati Chawla (PGT Computer)Difference between r+,w+ and a+ mode (practically with example)XIIComp.Sc.382020-09-12 15:19:21Open VideoMs. Swati Chawla
79Ms. Swati Chawla (PGT Computer)Mobile Communication Technologies and Mobile ProcessorXIIComp.Sc.542020-09-12 15:18:03Open VideoMs. Swati Chawla
80Ms. Swati Chawla (PGT Computer)Data Communication terminologiesXIIComp.Sc.562020-09-12 15:17:20Open VideoMs. Swati Chawla
81Jini , PGTNetwork DevicesXIIComp.Sc.482020-09-07 22:28:46Open VideoEnjoy Learning Computer Science
82Jini Web ServicesXIIComp.Sc.512020-09-07 22:26:01Open VideoEnjoy Learning Computer Science
83Kinjal ThackerHow to install Python for windowsXIInfo.Pract.532020-09-07 19:48:47Open VideoThe classroom
84Shilpi SaxenaPython Pandas Part 4| Class XII (CBSE) | Informatics Practices| Series Attributes| Vector OperationsXIIInfo.Pract.392020-09-05 10:33:19Open VideoLearning Hub
85Shilpi SaxenaPython Pandas Part 3| Class XII (CBSE) | Informatics Practices| Creating Series | loc, ilocXIIInfo.Pract.512020-09-05 10:30:47Open VideoLearning Hub
86Shilpi SaxenaIntroduction to Python Pandas Part 2| Class XII (CBSE) | Informatics Practices| Working with SeriesXIIInfo.Pract.452020-09-05 10:28:42Not Approved or ActiveLearning Hub
87Shilpi SaxenaIntroduction to Python Pandas Part 2| Class XII (CBSE) | Informatics Practices| Working with SeriesXIIInfo.Pract.462020-09-05 10:28:39Not Approved or ActiveLearning Hub
88Shilpi SaxenaIntroduction to Python Pandas Part 2| Class XII (CBSE) | Informatics Practices| Working with SeriesXIIInfo.Pract.912020-09-05 10:28:35Open VideoLearning Hub
89Shilpi SaxenaIntroduction to Python Pandas Part 1| Class XII (CBSE) | Informatics Practices| Working with SeriesXIIInfo.Pract.512020-09-05 10:26:49Open VideoLearning Hub
90Kinjal Thacker PGTInstalling PIL library in PythonXIIInfo.Pract.512020-09-04 21:55:54Open VideoThe classroom
91Shilpi SaxenaPython Pandas| Working with Series| Part 1XIIInfo.Pract.602020-09-04 16:14:15Open VideoLearning Hub
92Ms. Swati Chawla (PGT Computer)MCQs of seek ( ) and tell ( ) - File HandlingXIIComp.Sc.362020-09-01 14:10:42Open VideoMs. Swati Chawla
93Ms. Swati Chawla (PGT Computer)MCQs of Text File (File Handling)XIIComp.Sc.522020-09-01 14:09:56Open VideoMs. Swati Chawla
94Kinjal Thacker PGTHow to add background image in tkinter XIIInfo.Pract.482020-08-29 20:31:27Open VideoThe classroom
95Ms. Swati Chawla (PGT Computer)OTQs of MYSQLXIIComp.Sc.622020-08-28 14:10:38Open VideoMs. Swati Chawla
96Ms. Swati Chawla (PGT Computer)Objective Type Questions of LISTXIIComp.Sc.532020-08-26 19:25:38Open VideoMs. Swati Chawla
97Ms. Swati Chawla (PGT Computer)Evaluation of Postfix ConversionXIIComp.Sc.662020-08-24 15:25:32Open VideoMs. Swati Chawla
98Ms. Swati Chawla (PGT Computer)List Slicing | Making True Copy of List | Nested List | CBSE Class 11 Computer ScienceXIComp.Sc.552020-08-24 14:52:38Open VideoMs. Swati Chawla
99Ms. Swati Chawla (PGT Computer)List MethodsXIComp.Sc.552020-08-24 14:51:31Open VideoMs. Swati Chawla
100Ms. Swati Chawla (PGT Computer)List Introduction, Comparing List elements and List OperatorsXIComp.Sc.742020-08-21 15:47:32Open VideoMs. Swati Chawla
101Ms. Swati Chawla (PGT Computer)1 Marks Questions - DATA STRUCTURESXIIComp.Sc.542020-08-21 15:28:23Open VideoMs. Swati Chawla
102Ms. Swati Chawla (PGT Computer)1 Mark Questions - PYTHON LIBRARIESXIIComp.Sc.672020-08-21 15:27:19Open VideoMs. Swati Chawla
103J P KHUNTIA CS Palindrome programXIComp.Sc.592020-08-17 15:04:10Open VideoJP Khuntia
104J P KHUNTIA CS TCL COMMAND IN SQLXIIComp.Sc.682020-08-16 21:00:07Open VideoJP Khuntia
105Ms. Swati Chawla (PGT Computer)Find output of Looping Questions,Revision Tour (Part - 3)XIIComp.Sc.632020-08-16 20:11:00Open VideoMs. Swati Chawla
106Ms. Swati Chawla (PGT Computer)1 Mark Questions (Python Revision Tour - Part-1) XIIComp.Sc.692020-08-16 20:09:40Open VideoMs. Swati Chawla
107Mohit DubeyLearn Python New SyllabusXIIComp.Sc.7742020-08-16 20:04:29Open VideoCodipy Mohit
108Tanmay Suhane, PGT CSExtracting Data from MySQL using PythonXIIComp.Sc.612020-08-16 16:10:53Open VideoYouTube Channel @cbsecsip
109JYOTI PRAKASH KHUNTIAPalindrome programXIComp.Sc.602020-08-16 11:28:31Open VideoJP Khuntia
110JYOTI PRAKASH KHUNTIASQL AGGREGATE FUNCTIONXIIComp.Sc.702020-08-15 12:31:27Open VideoJP Khuntia
111Ms. Swati Chawla (PGT Computer)1 Mark Questions (Python Revision Tour - Part-1)XIIComp.Sc.572020-08-12 15:48:56Open VideoMs. Swati Chawla
112Ms. Swati Chawla (PGT Computer)1 Mark Questions of FUNCTIONS in PYTHONXIIComp.Sc.732020-08-11 17:20:10Open VideoMs. Swati Chawla
113Ms. Swati Chawla (PGT Computer)File Handling Based Output Questions -- ImportantXIIComp.Sc.552020-08-11 17:18:43Open VideoMs. Swati Chawla
114Tanmay Suhane, PGT CSPython-MySQL ConnectorXIIComp.Sc.772020-08-09 21:30:07Open VideoYouTube Channel @cbsecsip
115Ms. Swati Chawla (PGT Computer)Output Based QuestionsXIIComp.Sc.582020-08-09 16:32:02Open VideoMs. Swati Chawla
116Ms. Swati Chawla (PGT Computer)Program to display lines with line number (File Handling)XIIComp.Sc.702020-08-09 16:31:16Open VideoMs. Swati Chawla
117Tanmay Suhane, PGT CSAccessing Series Individual elementsXIIInfo.Pract.742020-08-07 21:42:36Open VideoYouTube Channel @cbsecsip
118Ms. Swati Chawla (PGT Computer)mportant | Case Study Based Questions | 4 Marks Questions XIIComp.Sc.782020-08-06 11:24:42Open VideoMs. Swati Chawla
119Ms. Swati Chawla (PGT Computer)Network Security Concepts (Computer Networks)XIIComp.Sc.1092020-08-05 13:59:47Open VideoMs. Swati Chawla
120Ms. Swati Chawla (PGT Computer)Internetworking Terms (Computer Network)XIIComp.Sc.672020-08-04 19:44:56Open VideoMs. Swati Chawla
121Ms. Swati Chawla (PGT Computer)Important Abbreviations (Computer Network)XIIComp.Sc.632020-08-03 16:38:03Open VideoMs. Swati Chawla
122Ms. Swati Chawla (PGT Computer)Network ProtocolsXIIComp.Sc.672020-08-02 19:34:44Open VideoMs. Swati Chawla
123Ms. Swati Chawla (PGT Computer)Python Program to read a random line from a file.XIIComp.Sc.672020-08-01 20:58:30Open VideoMs. Swati Chawla
124Ms. Swati Chawla (PGT Computer)Program to combine each line from first file with the corresponding line in second file.XIIComp.Sc.842020-08-01 20:57:42Open VideoMs. Swati Chawla
125Ms. Swati Chawla (PGT Computer)Network Devices (Computer Networks)XIIComp.Sc.462020-08-01 20:56:32Open VideoMs. Swati Chawla
126Ms. Swati Chawla (PGT Computer)Transmission Media (Computer Network)XIIComp.Sc.702020-08-01 20:52:10Open VideoMs. Swati Chawla
127Ms. Swati Chawla (PGT Computer)Network TopologiesXIIComp.Sc.762020-08-01 20:50:34Open VideoMs. Swati Chawla
129JYOTI PRAKASH KHUNTIAC++ ADDITION PROGRAMXIIComp.Sc.692020-07-31 20:49:38Open VideoJP Khuntia
130Ms. Swati Chawla (PGT Computer)Computer Networks and its Advantages , Types of Networks, Switching TechniquesXIIComp.Sc.882020-07-28 21:23:55Open VideoMs. Swati Chawla
131Ms. Swati Chawla (PGT Computer)Looping (while and for) and range( ) XIComp.Sc.622020-07-26 14:46:28Open VideoMs. Swati Chawla
132Ms. Swati Chawla (PGT Computer)Python Program to reverse the alternate words in a string.XIComp.Sc.512020-07-26 14:37:25Open VideoMs. Swati Chawla
133Tanmay Suhane, PGT CSPython Pandas Series with Duplicate Data Labels/IndexesXIIInfo.Pract.582020-07-24 20:09:39Open VideoYouTube Channel @cbsecsip
134Ms. Swati Chawla (PGT COMPUTER)Conditional StatementsXIComp.Sc.492020-07-24 17:27:24Open VideoMs. Swati Chawla
136Ms. Swati Chawla (PGT Computer)Questions of Python FundamentalsXIComp.Sc.762020-07-23 20:49:46Open VideoMs. Swati Chawla
137Ms. Swati Chawla (PGT Computer)Important Question based on CSV Files(Part-2)XIIComp.Sc.772020-07-23 20:48:25Open VideoMs. Swati Chawla
138Ms. Swati Chawla (PGT COMPUTER)Important Question based on Binary file (using dictionary)XIIComp.Sc.662020-07-21 19:12:28Open VideoMs. Swati Chawla
139Ms. Swati Chawla (PGT COMPUTER)Question Based on CSV Files (Part -1)XIIComp.Sc.672020-07-21 19:10:39Open VideoMs. Swati Chawla
140J P KHUNTIA CS HTMLXIIComp.Sc.642020-07-20 21:59:36Open VideoJP KHUNTIA
141Tanmay Suhane, PGT CS Python Pandas Series with Duplicate Data Labels/IndexesXIIComp.Sc.702020-07-19 21:23:28Open VideoYouTube Channel @cbsecsip
142Ms. Swati Chawla (PGT Computer)Python Project GuidelinesXIIComp.Sc.622020-07-19 19:26:20Open VideoMs. Swati Chawla
143Ms. Swati Chawla (PGT Computer)Python Program to check the number is Perfect Number or Not using FunctioXIIComp.Sc.702020-07-19 19:25:09Open VideoMs. Swati Chawla
144Tanmay SuhanePandas Series AttributesXIIInfo.Pract.682020-07-18 22:07:45Open VideoYoutube Channel @cbsecsip
145Ms. Swati Chawla (PGT Computer)Constraints in MYSQLXIIComp.Sc.682020-07-18 15:26:53Open VideoMs. Swati Chawla
146Ms. Swati Chawla (PGT COMPUTER)Important Questions of MYSQL (Part - 2) based on Two TablesXIIComp.Sc.742020-07-17 22:32:08Open VideoMs. Swati Chawla
147Ms. Swati Chawla (PGT COMPUTER)Important Questions of MYSQL (PART - 1)XIIComp.Sc.722020-07-17 22:28:45Open VideoMs. Swati Chawla
148Kinjal Thacker PGTWriting to CSV file using Python PandasXIIInfo.Pract.732020-07-16 19:48:56Open VideoThe classroom
149Shilpi SaxenaRelational Databases Part 1XIIComp.Sc.712020-07-16 17:52:00Open VideoShilpi Saxena
150Ms. Swati Chawla (PGT Computer)Joins in MYSQL (Equi Join and Natural Join)XIIComp.Sc.682020-07-15 19:26:53Open VideoMs. Swati Chawla
151Ms. Swati Chawla (PGT Computer)MYSQL Coomands (ORDER BY , GROUP BY , HAVING)XIIComp.Sc.812020-07-15 13:06:08Open VideoMs. Swati Chawla
152Ms. Swati Chawla (PGT Computer)Aggregate Functions in MYSQLXIIComp.Sc.702020-07-14 13:40:54Open VideoMs. Swati Chawla
153Ms. Swati Chawla (PGT Computer)MYSQL Commands (ALTER,UPDATE,DELETE,SROP)XIIComp.Sc.702020-07-13 16:37:44Open VideoMs. Swati Chawla
154Ms. Swati Chawla (PGT Computer)DISTINCT BETWEEN NOT BETWEEN IS NULL IS NOT NULL LIKE NOT LIKE XIIComp.Sc.922020-07-12 16:45:42Open VideoMs. Swati Chawla
155Ms. Swati Chawla (PGT Computer)WHERE Clause, Relational Operators, Logical Operators, Putting Text in Query, Scalar Expressions XIIComp.Sc.622020-07-12 16:44:59Open VideoMs. Swati Chawla
156Shilpi SaxenaProject Work Part 6| using calendar with tkinterXIIComp.Sc.642020-07-11 22:30:19Open VideoShilpi Saxena
157Sreeja PGT computer science XI chapter 1XIComp.Sc.832020-07-11 12:04:25Open VideoSRCS 11 Science
158Ms. Swati Chawla (PGT Computer)MYSQL Commands (Desc Command, Insert Into and Select Command)XIIComp.Sc.742020-07-11 11:20:57Open VideoMs. Swati Chawla
159Ms. Swati Chawla (PGT Computer)Create Database,Use Database,Show Databases,Show Tables, Create Table, char v/s varchar,data typesXIIComp.Sc.762020-07-11 11:19:55Open VideoMs. Swati Chawla
160Snehalatha TippanaLEGB Rule in functionsXIIComp.Sc.772020-07-09 21:37:23Open Video
161Swati ChawlaMySql introduction , SQL v/s MYSWL, DDL AND DML COMMAMDSXIIComp.Sc.692020-07-09 18:38:32Open VideoMs. Swati Chawla
162Ms. Swati Chawla (PGT Computer)Two methods to Open a File (File Handling)XIIComp.Sc.842020-07-08 20:29:30Open VideoMs. Swati Chawla
163Ms. Swati Chawla (PGT Computer)Binary File Operations (All in 1 Video)XIIComp.Sc.1842020-07-07 15:24:54Open VideoMs. Swati Chawla
164Ms. Swati Chawla (PGT Computer)Database,DBMS,RDBMS, Concept of domain, relation, tuple, attribute, degree, cardinality,primary key,XIIComp.Sc.812020-07-06 16:53:19Open VideoMs. Swati Chawla
165Suhail Ahmed PGT CS/IPData visualization in PANDASXIIInfo.Pract.872020-07-05 08:14:42Open VideoSuhail Tech
166Ms. Swati Chawla (PGT Computer)Data HadnlingXIComp.Sc.3842020-07-04 12:36:34Open VideoMs. Swati Chawla
167Ms. Swati Chawla (PGT Computer)Python Program to read data from a text file and display the sum of even digits.XIIComp.Sc.892020-07-03 19:19:28Open VideoMs. Swati Chawla
168Ms. Swati Chawla (PGT Computer)Python program to Capitalize the first and last character of each word in a given string.XIComp.Sc.972020-07-03 19:18:29Open VideoMs. Swati Chawla
169Ms. Swati Chawla (PGT Computer)Program in Python to check whether a string entered by a user is Palindrome or not.XIComp.Sc.912020-07-03 13:04:42Open VideoMs. Swati Chawla
170Shilpi SaxenaProject Work| Using Tkinter Part 5XIIComp.Sc.802020-07-02 12:13:26Open VideoShilpi Saxena
171Tanmay Suhane, PGT CSNaN (Not a Number) in Python PandasXIIInfo.Pract.862020-07-02 11:07:57Open VideoYouTube Channel @cbsecsip
172Ms. Swati Chawla (PGT Computer)Program to count number of times a character occurs in the given string.XIComp.Sc.1042020-07-01 20:33:47Open VideoMs. Swati Chawla
173Ms. Swati Chawla (PGT Computer)Program to read data from a file. All lower case letters stored inside the file LOWER, all upper casXIIComp.Sc.882020-07-01 12:34:07Open VideoMs. Swati Chawla
174Ms. Swati Chawla (PGT Computer)File Handling (Program to replace all the CAPITAL letters with their respective small letters in theXIIComp.Sc.892020-07-01 12:32:31Open VideoMs. Swati Chawla
175Ms. Swati Chawla (PGT Computer)Small Python Application to Roll a DiceXIIComp.Sc.772020-07-01 12:31:55Open VideoMs. Swati Chawla
176Tanmay Suhane, PGT CSCreating Series Object with Numpy Data typeXIIInfo.Pract.1322020-06-30 17:58:23Open VideoYouTube Channel @Tanmay Suhane
177Ms. Swati Chawla (PGT Computer)Display Characters of less than 4 Length and Count Upper case AlphabetsXIIComp.Sc.772020-06-29 15:12:58Open VideoMs. Swati Chawla
178Ms. Swati Chawla (PGT Computer)Python Program to Print the Digits from a Text File.XIIComp.Sc.882020-06-28 15:23:49Open VideoMs. Swati Chawla
179Ms. Swati Chawla (PGT Computer)String SlicingXIComp.Sc.992020-06-27 19:59:02Open VideoMs. Swati Chawla
180SURYA PRATAP SINGHXII IP(065) UNIT-1(Data handling using pandas-I): CSV File Reading/WritingXIIInfo.Pract.902020-06-27 17:54:10Open VideoYOUTUBE
181Kinjal Thacker PGTStatistical functions in PythonXIIInfo.Pract.852020-06-27 14:44:48Open VideoThe classroom
182Ms. Swati Chawla (PGT Computer)Program to transfer records from one Binary File to another based on a conditionXIIComp.Sc.1022020-06-27 14:28:17Open VideoMs. Swati Chawla
183Ms. Swati Chawla (PGT Computer)Important Question based on Binary File (Performing Operations on Emp.dat File)XIIComp.Sc.942020-06-26 19:46:41Open VideoMs. Swati Chawla
184Ms. Swati Chawla (PGT Computer)How to increase Text Size in Python IDLE ?XIComp.Sc.852020-06-26 17:00:36Open VideoMs. Swati Chawla
185Ms. Swati Chawla (PGT Computer)Download and Install MYSQL Server (Complete Step - by - Step Guide)XIIComp.Sc.882020-06-25 14:17:59Open VideoMs. Swati Chawla
186Ms. Swati Chawla (PGT Computer)String Manipulation (Introduction) -Traversal of StringXIComp.Sc.912020-06-23 20:45:49Open VideoMs. Swati Chawla
187Ms. Swati Chawla (PGT Computer)Program to read data from a text file and remove the multiple spaces with a single space and then wrXIIComp.Sc.1132020-06-23 20:43:52Open VideoMs. Swati Chawla (
188Tanmay Suhane, PGT CSNaN (Not a Number) in Python PandasXIIInfo.Pract.792020-06-20 15:25:52Open VideoYouTube Channel @Tanmay Suhane
189Ms. Swati Chawla (PGT COMPUTER)Infix to Postfix ConversionXIIComp.Sc.762020-06-20 14:07:18Open VideoMs. Swati Chawla
190Suhail Ahmed PGT CS/IPPANDAS DATAFRAME quartile & histogram without matplotlibXIIInfo.Pract.802020-06-20 11:46:42Open VideoSuhail Tech
191Tanmay Suhane, PGT CSCreating Series With Numpy DataTypeXIIInfo.Pract.642020-06-18 20:29:58Open VideoYouTube Channel @Tanmay Suhane
192Kinjal ThackerDataframe functionsXIIInfo.Pract.1922020-06-18 16:18:15Open VideoThe classroom
193Ms. Swati Chawla (PGT Computer)Program to read data from the text file β€œStory.txt” and display those words , which are endingXIIComp.Sc.1442020-06-18 14:22:18Open VideoMs. Swati Chawla
194Ms. Swati Chawla (PGT COMPUTER)Operators in PythonXIComp.Sc.1032020-06-17 22:45:24Open VideoMs. Swati Chawla
195Ms. Swati Chawla (PGT COMPUTER)Calculating Complexity of an AlgorithmXIIComp.Sc.882020-06-17 14:11:12Open VideoMs. Swati Chawla
196Tanmay Suhane, PGT CSCreating Series Object(Index Parameter)XIIInfo.Pract.742020-06-17 11:28:59Open VideoYouTube Channel @Tanmay Suhane
197Ms. Swati Chawla (PGT COMPUTER)Python Fundamentals (Token, Keywords, Literals, Identifiers)XIComp.Sc.952020-06-17 09:24:32Open VideoMs. Swati Chawla
198Tanmay Suhane, PGT CSCreating Series ObjectXIIInfo.Pract.802020-06-16 21:02:29Open VideoYouTube Channel @Tanmay Suhane
199Tanmay Suhane, PGT CSPython Function: Types of Formal Arguments XIIComp.Sc.822020-06-16 20:59:01Open VideoYouTube Channel @Tanmay Suhane
200Ms. Swati Chawla (PGT Computer)Interactive Mode V/S Script Mode AND How to save and open a file ?XIComp.Sc.782020-06-16 19:42:13Open VideoMs. Swati Chawla
201Ms. Swati Chawla (PGT Computer)Working with input( ) and print( ) functions in PythonXIComp.Sc.822020-06-16 13:18:43Open VideoMs. Swati Chawla
202Ms. Swati Chawla (PGT Computer)Variables in PythonXIComp.Sc.612020-06-15 20:50:44Open VideoMs. Swati Chawla
203Ms. Swati Chawla (PGT Computer)Idea of Algorithmic Efficiency (Introduction)XIIComp.Sc.932020-06-15 20:11:07Open VideoMs. Swati Chawla
204Tanmay Suhane, PGT CSPython Function : Typed of Argument/ParametersXIIComp.Sc.772020-06-13 23:35:48Open VideoYouTube Channel @Tanmay Suhane
205Ms. Swati Chawla (PGT Computer)Getting started with PythonXIComp.Sc.922020-06-13 12:54:43Open VideoMs. Swati Chawla
206Ms. Swati Chawla (PGT COMPUTER)Dictionary ProgramsXIComp.Sc.952020-06-11 22:23:03Open VideoMs. Swati Chawla
207Kinjal ThackerBasic functionalities of Series in Python PandasXIIInfo.Pract.862020-06-11 20:17:46Open VideoThe classroom
208Ms. Swati Chawla (PGT COMPUTER)Dictionary FunctionsXIComp.Sc.822020-06-10 15:33:42Open VideoMs. Swati Chawla
209Ms. Swati Chawla (PGT COMPUTER)Dictionary in Python - An IntroductionXIComp.Sc.1102020-06-10 15:32:27Open VideoMs. Swati Chawla
210Suhail Ahmed PGT CS/IPPANDAS DATAFRAME AttributesXIIInfo.Pract.902020-06-10 08:22:49Open VideoSuhail Tech
211Suhail Ahmed PGT CS/IPDataFrame Function : Sorting,Transpose, head & tail, save as CSV etcXIIInfo.Pract.612020-06-08 21:29:10Open VideoSuhail Tech
212Suhail Ahmed PGT CS/IPAccessing Series Objects in PANDAS DataFrameXIIInfo.Pract.952020-06-08 11:56:43Open VideoSuhail Tech
213Tanmay Suhane, PGT CSBasic Calculator Program Using Python FunctionsXIIComp.Sc.882020-06-07 21:54:37Open VideoYouTube Channel @Tanmay Suhane
214Ms. Swati Chawla (PGT Computer)Solving Output – based Questions of RecursionXIIComp.Sc.1192020-06-07 11:31:39Open VideoMs. Swati Chawla
215Ms. Swati Chawla (PGT Computer)Program to search an element using Binary Search recursivelyXIIComp.Sc.922020-06-07 10:44:21Open VideoMs. Swati Chawla
216Ms. Swati Chawla (PGT Computer)Program in Python to print sum of first N natural numbers using Recursion.XIIComp.Sc.882020-06-07 10:43:47Open VideoMs. Swati Chawla
217Ms. Swati Chawla (PGT Computer)Program in Python to print Fibonacci series using Recursion.XIIComp.Sc.1012020-06-07 10:43:14Open VideoMs. Swati Chawla
218Ms. Swati Chawla (PGT Computer)Program in Python to find factorial of a Number using Recursion.XIIComp.Sc.1082020-06-07 10:42:45Open VideoMs. Swati Chawla
219Ms. Swati Chawla (PGT Computer)Introduction of RecursionXIIComp.Sc.922020-06-07 10:41:35Open VideoMs. Swati Chawla
220Suhail Ahmed PGT CS/IPCreate DataFrame using CSV, Row & Column modification PANDASXIIInfo.Pract.752020-06-06 22:20:23Open VideoSuhail Tech
221Suhail Ahmed PGT CS/IPDataFrame LOC vs iLOCXIIInfo.Pract.682020-06-06 18:27:06Open VideoSuhail Tech
222Tanmay Suhane, PGT CSArmstrong Number Program XIIInfo.Pract.762020-06-06 16:11:59Open VideoYouTube Channel @Tanmay Suhane
223Suhail Ahmed PGT CS/IPLambda(), map(),apply(),apply map(), group by() functions in PANDASXIIInfo.Pract.862020-06-06 11:19:20Open VideoSuhail Tech
224Suhail Ahmed PGT CS/IPSeries() in Python PANDASXIIInfo.Pract.772020-06-06 07:01:41Open VideoSuhail Tech
225Suhail Ahmed PGT CS/IPIntroduction to PANDAS DataFrameXIIInfo.Pract.922020-06-05 21:39:08Open VideoSuhail Tech
226Tanmay Suhane, PGT CSPYTHON PANDAS INTRODUCTIONXIIInfo.Pract.782020-06-05 21:15:28Open VideoYouTube Channel @Tanmay Suhane
227Suhail AhmedSome Functions used in PANDAS DATAFRAMEXIIInfo.Pract.752020-06-05 19:48:50Open VideoSuhail Tech
228Kinjal Thacker PGTSeries vs dataframeXIIInfo.Pract.952020-06-05 17:49:00Open VideoThe classroom
229Tanmay Suhane, PGT CSPython Function: def and return keywordsXIIComp.Sc.832020-06-05 08:51:59Open VideoYouTube Channel @Tanmay Suhane
230Suhail Ahmed PGT CS/IPPANDAS DATAFRAME pivot() vs pivot_table()XIIInfo.Pract.692020-06-04 22:58:01Open VideoSuhail Tech
231Tanmay Suhane, PGT CSIntroduction to Python FunctionXIIComp.Sc.892020-06-04 15:39:22Open VideoYouTube Channel @Tanmay Suhane
232Sherlock HolmesPython FundamentalsXIInfo.Pract.832020-06-04 10:19:57Open Video
233Tanmay Suhane, PGT CSRecursion in PythonXIIComp.Sc.652020-06-04 07:19:46Open VideoYouTube Channel @Tanmay Suhane
234Kinjal Thacker PGTHow to make class 12 Python projectXIIInfo.Pract.692020-06-03 22:04:27Not Approved or ActiveThe classroom
235Tanmay SuhaneDifference Between concat(), join() and merge() XIIComp.Sc.862020-06-02 22:26:29Open Video
236Tanmay Suhane, PGT CSSearch and Update in Binary Files and Pickle FileXIIComp.Sc.852020-06-02 22:15:20Open Video
237Kinjal Thacker PGTHow to copy Series in Python PandasXIIInfo.Pract.792020-06-01 19:20:50Open VideoThe classroom
238Johnsi Rani.P PGT #python-data structuresXIIComp.Sc.772020-06-01 13:19:24Open Videojohnsi rani
239Johnsi Rani.P PGT #libray packageXIIComp.Sc.742020-06-01 13:18:09Open Videojohnsi rani
240Johnsi Rani.P PGT #data visualization-box plotXIIInfo.Pract.922020-06-01 13:16:49Open Videojohnsi rani
241Johnsi Rani.P PGT #pandas- indexing & Slicing Data frameXIIInfo.Pract.722020-06-01 13:12:06Open Videojohnsi rani
242Johnsi Rani.P PGT #pandas- dataframe attributesXIIInfo.Pract.802020-06-01 13:10:58Open Videojohnsi rani
243Johnsi Rani.P PGT #pandas- DataFrame creationXIIInfo.Pract.952020-06-01 13:09:41Open Videojohnsi rani
244Johnsi Rani.P PGT #pandas- Operation on SeriesXIIInfo.Pract.762020-06-01 13:08:28Open Videojohnsi rani
245Johnsi Rani.P PGT #pandas-Indexing & Slicing of SeriesXIIInfo.Pract.812020-06-01 13:07:12Open Videojohnsi rani
246Johnsi Rani.P PGT #pandas-series creationXIIInfo.Pract.922020-06-01 13:05:58Open Videojohnsi rani
247Johnsi Rani.p PGT #pandas-introductionXIIInfo.Pract.942020-06-01 13:04:14Not Approved or Activejohnsi rani
248Johnsi Rani.p PGT #pandas-introductionXIIInfo.Pract.862020-06-01 13:04:07Not Approved or Activejohnsi rani
249Kinjal ThackerSeries in pandas XIIInfo.Pract.692020-05-31 22:51:36Open VideoThe classroom
250Ms. Swati Chawla (PGT Computer)Bubble SortXIIComp.Sc.782020-05-31 19:45:26Open VideoMs. Swati Chawla
251Ms. Swati Chawla (PGT Computer)Bubble SortXIComp.Sc.892020-05-31 18:48:04Open VideoMs. Swati Chawla
252Ms. Swati Chawla (PGT Computer)How to read data from a csv file?XIIComp.Sc.882020-05-31 18:45:07Open VideoMs. Swati Chawla
253Ms. Swati Chawla (PGT Computer)Introduction of CSV Files … How to write data in a CSV File using writerow( ) and writerows( ) fuXIIComp.Sc.912020-05-31 18:40:42Open VideoMs. Swati Chawla
255Kinjal Thacker PGTWhat is IP address and MAC addressXIIInfo.Pract.852020-05-29 16:49:33Open VideoThe classroom
256Mukesh Kumar PGT CSPYTHON PROGRAMMING FOR CLASS XII XIIComp.Sc.802020-05-29 09:49:31Open Video
257Mukesh Kumar PGT CSchapter-2 functionsXIIComp.Sc.892020-05-29 09:47:29Open Video
258Ms. Swati Chawla (PGT Computer)Most Important Questions based on Binary FilesXIIComp.Sc.902020-05-29 08:43:24Open VideoMs. Swati Chawla
259Ms. Swati Chawla (PGT Computer)How to update a record in a Binary File?XIIComp.Sc.962020-05-29 08:42:34Open VideoMs. Swati Chawla
260Ms. Swati Chawla (PGT Computer)seek( ) and tell ( ) in File handlingXIIComp.Sc.902020-05-29 08:41:28Open VideoMs. Swati Chawla
261Ms. Swati Chawla (PGT Computer)How to search record in a Binary File?XIIComp.Sc.792020-05-29 08:40:39Open VideoMs. Swati Chawla
262Ms. Swati Chawla (PGT Computer)How to write and read multiple records from a binary file? Taking input from user.XIIComp.Sc.832020-05-29 08:39:39Open VideoMs. Swati Chawla
263Ms. Swati Chawla (PGT Computer)Introduction of Binary Files, Pickle module , load( ) and dump( )XIIComp.Sc.942020-05-29 08:38:47Open VideoMs. Swati Chawla
264Anees Karattiyattil,MES QATARPython Output Question based on LISTSXIComp.Sc.842020-05-28 20:09:44Open VideoAnees karattiyattils vlog
265Kinjal Thacker PGTNetwork protocolXIIInfo.Pract.852020-05-28 15:50:55Open VideoThe classroom
267Kinjal ThackerNetwork topologyXIIInfo.Pract.762020-05-27 16:05:00Open VideoThe classroom
268Kinjal Thacker PGTTypes of networkXIIInfo.Pract.962020-05-25 20:12:18Open VideoThe classroom
271Kinjal Thacker PGTComputer network and networking devicesXIIInfo.Pract.1042020-05-24 17:37:33Open VideoThe classroom
273Ms. Swati Chawla (PGT Computer)Create database , Table and insert multiple rows (Taking input from users)XIIComp.Sc.812020-05-24 14:50:20Open VideoMs. Swati Chawla
274Shilpi Saxena HOD ITPython Interface with MYSQL | Part 1XIIComp.Sc.822020-05-22 08:04:34Open VideoShilpi Saxena
275P.Johnsi Rani,PGT MCA#data visualization -pie chartXIIInfo.Pract.822020-05-20 13:18:37Open Videojohnsi rani
276Kinjal Thacker PGTPositioning in tkinter XIIInfo.Pract.712020-05-20 12:35:36Open VideoThe classroom
277Ms. Swati Chawla (PGT Computer)Most Important Questions Based On Text File (Part - 2) XIIComp.Sc.822020-05-19 14:31:32Open VideoMs. Swati Chawla
278Ms. Swati Chawla (PGT Computer)Most Important Questions Based On Text File (Part - 1) XIIComp.Sc.1012020-05-19 14:30:40Open VideoMs. Swati Chawla
279Ms. Swati Chawla (PGT Computer)How to write data in a file using write and writelines( ) ? How to append data ?XIIComp.Sc.1022020-05-19 14:29:32Open VideoMs. Swati Chawla
280Ms. Swati Chawla (PGT Computer)How to read data from a text file using read( ), readline( ) and readlines ( )XIIComp.Sc.772020-05-19 14:28:25Open Video@ YouTube Channel (Swati Chawla)
281Ms. Swati Chawla (PGT Computer)Introduction of Data File handling , Types of Files , Access Modes..XIIComp.Sc.1012020-05-19 14:27:26Open Video@ YouTube Channel (Swati Chawla)
282Subhash Chandra PandeySin(x) and Cox(x) series summation XIComp.Sc.862020-05-18 20:32:39Not Approved or Active
283Shilpi Saxena HOD ITProject work | Using Checkbuttons and Images in TkinteeXIIComp.Sc.952020-05-18 16:43:01Open VideoShilpi Saxena
284Shilpi Saxena HOD ITProject work | Using Radio buttons in Tkinter Part 3XIIComp.Sc.1072020-05-17 17:02:22Open VideoShilpi Saxena
285Kinjal Thacker PGT IPInstalling pandas XIIInfo.Pract.982020-05-17 12:36:16Open VideoThe classroom
287AMIT KUMAR, PGT (Computer Science)Getting Started with Python Programming (English)XIIComp.Sc.992020-05-13 21:22:03Open Video
289Ms. Swati Chawla (PGT Computer)Performing Insert, Update and Delete Operations, while connecting Python with MYSQLXIIComp.Sc.782020-05-13 11:07:43Open Video@ YouTube Channel (Swati Chawla)
290Ms. Swati Chawla (PGT Computer)Parameterized QueriesXIIComp.Sc.812020-05-13 11:06:52Open Video@ YouTube Channel (Swati Chawla)
291Ms. Swati Chawla (PGT Computer)FETCHALL( ) , FETCHONE( ) , FETCHMANY() , ROWCOUNT XIIComp.Sc.902020-05-13 11:05:58Open Video@ YouTube Channel (Swati Chawla)
292Ms. Swati Chawla (PGT Computer)Interface Python with MYSQL (Part – 1) XIIComp.Sc.982020-05-13 11:04:28Open Video@ YouTube Channel (Swati Chawla)
293P.Johnsi Rani,PGT MCA#networking-ProtocolsXIIComp.Sc.1022020-05-12 22:58:23Open Videojohnsi rani
294Kinjal ThackerRegistration form in tkinter XIIInfo.Pract.922020-05-12 22:10:51Open VideoThe classroom
295AMIT KUMAR, PGT(Computer Science)Introduction to Python Programming (English)XIIComp.Sc.1232020-05-12 20:12:02Open Video
296AMIT KUMAR, PGT(Computer Science)Introduction to Python Programming (English)XIIComp.Sc.862020-05-12 20:10:21Open Video
297AMIT KUMAR, PGT(Computer Science)Introduction to Python Programming (Hindi)XIIComp.Sc.972020-05-12 20:08:47Open Video
298AMIT KUMAR, PGT(Computer Science)Getting Started with Python ProgrammingXIIComp.Sc.922020-05-12 20:06:47Open Video
299Anees Karattiyattil,MES QATARHow to Download and install Python Software on Windows | Installation Live DemoXIIInfo.Pract.752020-05-11 23:45:09Open VideoAnees Karattiyattils vlog
300Kinjal Thacker PGTLogin form using tkinterXIIInfo.Pract.882020-05-11 19:16:07Open VideoThe classroom
302Ms. Swati Chawla (PGT Computer)Python Connectivity with MYSQLXIIComp.Sc.802020-05-10 20:16:14Open VideoMs. Swati Chawla
303Shilpi Saxena HOD ITProject work | Using Tkinter Part 2XIIComp.Sc.932020-05-10 17:10:47Open VideoShilpi Saxena
304Shilpi Saxena HOD ITProject work | Using TkinterXIIComp.Sc.882020-05-10 17:09:49Not Approved or ActiveShilpi Saxena
305Shilpi Saxena HOD ITProject work | Using TkinterXIIComp.Sc.872020-05-10 17:08:17Open VideoShilpi Saxena
306Anees Karattiyattil,MES DOHAMySQL Live Demo | Update Statement in SQLXIInfo.Pract.952020-05-10 01:30:21Open VideoAnees karattiyattils vlog
307Anees Karattiyattil,MES QATARHow to Download and Install MySQL Command Line on Your PCXIIInfo.Pract.932020-05-10 01:14:51Open VideoAnees Karattiyattils vlog
308Ms. Swati Chawla (PGT Computer)Important Questions of Boolean AlgebraXIComp.Sc.942020-05-09 18:20:50Open VideoMs. Swati Chawla
309Ms. Swati Chawla (PGT Computer)Boolean LawsXIComp.Sc.902020-05-09 18:19:44Open VideoMs. Swati Chawla
310Ms. Swati Chawla (PGT Computer)Logic Gates XIComp.Sc.902020-05-09 18:18:11Open VideoMs. Swati Chawla
311Ms. Swati Chawla (PGT Computer)Introduction of Boolean Logic and its operationsXIComp.Sc.902020-05-09 18:16:54Open VideoMs. Swati Chawla
312Ms. Swati Chawla (PGT Computer)Computer System Overview (Part – 2)XIComp.Sc.942020-05-09 18:15:48Open VideoMs. Swati Chawla
313Ms. Swati Chawla (PGT Computer)Computer System Overview (Part – 2)XIComp.Sc.992020-05-09 18:14:21Open Video@ YouTube Channel (Swati Chawla)
314Ms. Swati Chawla (PGT Computer)Computer System Overview (Part – 1)XIComp.Sc.882020-05-09 18:12:05Open VideoMs. Swati Chawla
315P.Johnsi Rani,PGT MCA#networking-unguided mediaXIIComp.Sc.1102020-05-09 10:33:42Open Videojohnsi rani
316P.Johnsi Rani,PGT MCA#networking-guided mediaXIIComp.Sc.972020-05-09 10:32:28Open Videojohnsi rani
317P.Johnsi Rani,PGT MCA#networking-NETWORK devices part-IIXIIComp.Sc.1222020-05-09 10:31:19Open Videojohnsi rani
318P.Johnsi Rani,PGT MCA#networking-NETWORK devices part-IXIIComp.Sc.932020-05-09 10:30:18Open Videojohnsi rani
319P.Johnsi Rani,PGT MCA#networking-topologyXIIComp.Sc.902020-05-09 10:28:49Open Videojohnsi rani
320P.Johnsi Rani,PGT MCA#networking-types of networksXIIComp.Sc.1002020-05-09 10:27:44Open Videojohnsi rani
321P.Johnsi Rani,PGT MCA#networking-communication signalXIIComp.Sc.1122020-05-09 10:26:16Open Videojohnsi rani
322P.Johnsi Rani,PGT MCA#networking-TermsXIIComp.Sc.852020-05-09 10:14:33Open Videojohnsi rani
323P.Johnsi Rani,PGT MCA#networkingXIIComp.Sc.852020-05-09 10:08:56Not Approved or Activejohnsi rani
324P.Johnsi Rani,PGT MCA#networkingXIIComp.Sc.882020-05-09 10:08:50Not Approved or Activejohnsi rani
327Shilpi Saxena HOD ITProject work | Using TkinterXIIComp.Sc.932020-05-07 10:17:21Open VideoShilpi Saxena
328Ms. Swati Chawla (PGT Computer)String Functions (Part – 2)XIIComp.Sc.992020-05-07 08:35:57Open VideoMs. Swati Chawla
329Ms. Swati Chawla (PGT Computer)String Functions (Part – 1)XIIComp.Sc.1072020-05-07 08:34:56Open VideoMs. Swati Chawla
330Ms. Swati Chawla (PGT Computer)Mathematical Functions |MATH MODULE|XIIComp.Sc.1002020-05-07 08:34:03Open VideoMs. Swati Chawla
331Ms. Swati Chawla (PGT Computer)HOW TO CREATE PACKAGES IN PYTHONXIIComp.Sc.902020-05-07 08:33:03Open VideoMs. Swati Chawla
332Ms. Swati Chawla (PGT Computer)WHAT IS LEGB RULE IN PYTHON?XIIComp.Sc.982020-05-07 08:32:15Open VideoMs. Swati Chawla
333Ms. Swati Chawla (PGT Computer)HOW TO CREATE OWN MODULES IN PYTHONXIIComp.Sc.952020-05-07 08:31:23Open VideoMs. Swati Chawla
334Ms. Swati Chawla (PGT Computer)HOW TO USE PYTHON LIBRARIESXIIComp.Sc.862020-05-07 08:30:20Open VideoMs. Swati Chawla
335Ms. Swati Chawla (PGT Computer)HOW TO SOLVE QUESTIONS BASED ON RANDOM MODULE| PART – 2XIIComp.Sc.742020-05-07 08:29:31Open VideoMs. Swati Chawla
336Ms. Swati Chawla (PGT Computer)HOW TO SOLVE QUESTIONS BASED ON RANDOM MODULE| PART - 1 |XIIComp.Sc.1042020-05-07 08:28:42Open VideoMs. Swati Chawla
337Ms. Swati Chawla (PGT Computer)RANDOM MODULEXIIComp.Sc.962020-05-07 08:27:46Open VideoMs. Swati Chawla
338Ms. Swati Chawla (PGT Computer)How to solve Questions based on Stack and QueueXIIComp.Sc.1002020-05-07 08:26:55Open VideoMs. Swati Chawla
339Ms. Swati Chawla (PGT Computer)Implementation of Stack and Queue USING LIST (Python Program)XIIComp.Sc.882020-05-07 08:26:05Open VideoMs. Swati Chawla
340Ms. Swati Chawla (PGT Computer)Introduction of Stack and QueueXIIComp.Sc.1122020-05-07 08:25:07Open VideoMs. Swati Chawla
341Ms. Swati Chawla (PGT Computer)FUNCTION DEFINITION (PART - 3)XIIComp.Sc.1022020-05-07 08:24:11Open VideoMs. Swati Chawla
342Ms. Swati Chawla (PGT Computer)FUNCTION DEFINITION (PART - 2) XIIComp.Sc.1062020-05-07 08:23:15Open VideoMs. Swati Chawla
343Ms. Swati Chawla (PGT Computer)FUNCTION DEFINITION (PART - 1) XIIComp.Sc.952020-05-07 08:22:08Open VideoMs. Swati Chawla
344Ms. Swati Chawla (PGT Computer)Output Finding Part 3 | FUNCTIONS XIIComp.Sc.802020-05-07 08:21:09Not Approved or ActiveMs. Swati Chawla
345Ms. Swati Chawla (PGT Computer)Output Finding Part 2 | FUNCTIONS XIIComp.Sc.962020-05-07 08:20:12Open VideoMs. Swati Chawla
346Ms. Swati Chawla (PGT Computer)Output Finding Part 1 | FUNCTIONS | MOST IMPORTANT XIIComp.Sc.762020-05-07 08:19:15Open VideoMs. Swati Chawla
347Ms. Swati Chawla (PGT Computer)Error Finding Questions | MOST IMPORTANTXIIComp.Sc.772020-05-07 08:18:05Open VideoMs. Swati Chawla
348Ms. Swati Chawla (PGT Computer)Local Scope | Global Scope | Mutable and Immutability XIIComp.Sc.902020-05-07 08:17:01Open VideoMs. Swati Chawla
349Ms. Swati Chawla (PGT Computer)Function returning values , Arguments and Parameters.XIIComp.Sc.1132020-05-07 08:15:30Open VideoMs. Swati Chawla
350Ms. Swati Chawla (PGT Computer)Introduction of FunctionsXIIComp.Sc.842020-05-07 08:13:05Open VideoMs. Swati Chawla
351AMIT KUMAR, PGT(Computer Science)Switching Techniques (English)XIIComp.Sc.962020-05-06 11:10:02Open Video
352AMIT KUMAR, PGT(Computer Science)Switching Techniques (Hindi)XIIComp.Sc.1012020-05-06 11:05:46Open Video
353Shilpi Saxena HOD ITData Structure Part 3 | Queue operationsXIIComp.Sc.742020-05-04 22:29:46Open VideoShilpi Saxena
354Kinjal Thacker PGTAdding buttons in tkinter XIIInfo.Pract.992020-05-04 18:53:28Open VideoThe classroom
355Kinjal Thacker PGT Scalar functions in SQLXIIInfo.Pract.942020-05-04 10:23:55Open VideoThe classroom
356Kinjal Thacker PGTTkinter- Introduction to GUI programing (helpful for project)XIIInfo.Pract.1122020-05-04 10:22:37Open VideoThe classroom
357AMIT KUMAR, PGT (Computer Science)Intellectual Property Rights (IPR), Plagiarism and Digital Property Rights (DPR) (Hindi)XIIComp.Sc.1522020-05-03 13:07:57Open Video
358AMIT KUMAR, PGT (Computer Science)Intellectual Property Rights (IPR), Plagiarism and Digital Property Rights (DPR) (English)XIIComp.Sc.902020-05-03 13:07:08Open Video
359Shilpi Saxena HOD ITData Structure Part 1XIIComp.Sc.1152020-05-02 21:24:49Open VideoShilpi Saxena
360P.Johnsi Rani,PGT MCA#scatterplotXIIComp.Sc.902020-05-02 10:59:19Open Videojohnsi rani
361P.Johnsi Rani,PGT MCA# histogram part2XIIComp.Sc.1032020-05-02 10:57:31Open Videojohnsi rani
362P.Johnsi Rani,PGT MCA# histogram- part IXIIComp.Sc.1082020-05-02 10:56:06Open Videojohnsi rani
363AMIT KUMAR, PGT (Comp Sc)Computer Networks - An Overview (English)XIIComp.Sc.1062020-05-01 16:20:17Open Video
364AMIT KUMAR, PGT (Comp Sc)BASICS of COMPUTER NETWORKS (Hindi) - OverviewXIIComp.Sc.1052020-05-01 16:19:12Open Video
365AMIT KUMAR, PGT (Comp Sc)EVOLUTION OF NETWORKING (Hindi)XIIComp.Sc.1012020-05-01 16:06:20Open Video
366AMIT KUMAR, PGT (Comp Sc)EVOLUTION OF NETWORKING (English)XIIComp.Sc.1062020-05-01 16:04:59Open Video
367AMIT KUMAR, PGT (Comp Sc)DATA COMMUNICATION TERMINOLOGIES (English)XIIComp.Sc.892020-05-01 16:02:37Open Video
368AMIT KUMAR, PGT (Comp Sc)DATA COMMUNICATION TERMINOLOGIES (Hindi)XIIComp.Sc.1092020-05-01 16:01:47Open Video
369AMIT KUMAR, PGT (Comp Sc)TYPE OF COMPUTER NETWORKS (English)XIIComp.Sc.902020-05-01 16:00:27Open Video
370AMIT KUMAR, PGT (Comp Sc)TYPE OF COMPUTER NETWORKS (Hindi)XIIComp.Sc.962020-05-01 15:59:46Open Video
371AMIT KUMAR, PGT (Comp Sc)WIRED COMPUTER NETWORKS (English)XIIComp.Sc.1142020-05-01 15:58:56Open Video
372AMIT KUMAR, PGT (Comp Sc)Wired Computer Networks (Hindi)XIIComp.Sc.1012020-05-01 15:58:14Open Video
373AMIT KUMAR, PGT (Comp Sc)Wireless Computer Networks (Hindi)XIIComp.Sc.902020-05-01 15:57:27Open Video
374AMIT KUMAR, PGT (Comp Sc)Wireless Computer Networks (English)XIIComp.Sc.1012020-05-01 15:56:34Open Video
375AMIT KUMAR, PGT (Comp Sc)NETWORK DEVICES or HARDWARE (Hindi)XIIComp.Sc.1022020-05-01 15:55:46Open Video
376AMIT KUMAR, PGT (Comp Sc)NETWORK DEVICES or HARDWARE (English)XIIComp.Sc.932020-05-01 15:55:01Open Video
377AMIT KUMAR, PGT (Comp Sc)NETWORK SECURITY ISSUES (Hindi)XIIComp.Sc.922020-05-01 15:54:00Open Video
378AMIT KUMAR, PGT (Comp Sc)NETWORK SECURITY ISSUES (English)XIIComp.Sc.1062020-05-01 15:53:01Open Video
379AMIT KUMAR, PGT (Comp Sc)NETWORK TOPOLOGIES (Hindi)XIIComp.Sc.1042020-05-01 15:52:07Open Video
380AMIT KUMAR, PGT (Comp Sc)NETWORK TOPOLOGIES (English)XIIComp.Sc.1032020-05-01 15:51:13Open Video
381AMIT KUMAR, PGT (Comp Sc)Cyber Law, IT ACT 2000, IT Amendment Act 2008 & Cyber Crimes (Hindi)XIIComp.Sc.1042020-05-01 15:48:20Open Video
382P.Johnsi Rani,PGT MCA#Data visualization -Line plot part IIXIIInfo.Pract.952020-04-28 10:03:35Open Videojohnsi rani
383P Johnsi Rani PGT MCA#python CSV FILESXIIComp.Sc.1122020-04-26 09:49:41Open Videojohnsi rani
384P.Johnsi Rani,PGT MCA#Random Access methods-Python FilesXIIComp.Sc.1072020-04-25 11:59:02Open Videojohnsi rani
385P.Johnsi Rani,PGT MCA#Python-OS module and Sys moduleXIIComp.Sc.1042020-04-25 11:57:18Open Videojohnsi rani
386Shilpi Saxena HOD ITIdea of Algorithmic Efficiency Part 3XIIComp.Sc.992020-04-24 22:41:05Open VideoShilpi Saxena
387Shilpi Saxena HOD ITIdea of Algorithmic Effeciency Part 2XIIComp.Sc.942020-04-24 00:13:23Open VideoShilpi Saxena
388Kinjal Thacker PGTIntroduction to python pandas theoryXIIInfo.Pract.1082020-04-22 15:24:28Open VideoThe classroom
389Kinjal Thacker, PGTMatplotlib introduction basic line graphXIIInfo.Pract.982020-04-21 23:44:55Open VideoThe classroom
390Kinjal Thacker, PGTHow to install matplotlibXIIInfo.Pract.1122020-04-21 23:39:30Open VideoThe classroom
391Kinjal Thacker PGTPython modulesXIIInfo.Pract.1052020-04-21 23:16:08Open VideoThe classroom
392Kinjal Thacker PGTPython MySQL selecting or fetching dataXIIInfo.Pract.992020-04-21 23:14:27Open VideoThe classroom
393Kinjal ThackerGetting started with python MySQL connectionXIIInfo.Pract.1032020-04-21 23:12:22Open VideoThe classroom
394Kinjal Thacker PGT MySQL python programming- inserting data into tableXIIInfo.Pract.1012020-04-21 23:08:51Open VideoThe classroom
395P.Johnsi Rani,PGT MC#Data Visualization line plot- part IXIIComp.Sc.1162020-04-21 20:15:43Open Videojohnsi rani
396P.Johnsi Rani,PGT MCDATA VISUALIZATIONXIIComp.Sc.972020-04-21 20:13:54Open Videojohnsi rani
397P.Johnsi Rani,PGT MCIntroduction-Data VisualizationXIIComp.Sc.1072020-04-21 20:09:08Open Videojohnsi rani
398P.Johnsi RaniIntroduction-Data VisualizationXIIComp.Sc.1142020-04-21 20:05:37Not Approved or Activejohnsi rani
399Kinjal High school teacherHow to install MySQL connectorXIIInfo.Pract.1132020-04-21 10:38:25Open VideoThe classroom
400Anees Karattiyattil,MES DOHAMySQL Live Demo | create Database,Open Database,Create Table,Insert Values | Part-1XIInfo.Pract.1212020-04-21 02:35:47Open VideoAnees karattiyattils vlog
401AMIT KUMAR, PGT(Comp Sc), JNV ShimlType of Computer NetworksXIIComp.Sc.1052020-04-19 21:09:10Open Video
402AMIT KUMAR, PGT(Computer Science), Basics of Computer NetworksXIIComp.Sc.862020-04-19 21:06:36Open Video
403Anees Karattiyattil,MES DOHACyber Safety | Unit- Society,Law and EthicsXIComp.Sc.972020-04-19 18:48:04Open VideoAnees karattiyattils vlog
404AMIT KUMAR, PGT (Computer Science),Network Security Issues (English)XIIComp.Sc.912020-04-19 17:44:53Open Video
405Shilpi Saxena HOD ITIdea of Algorithmic EffeciencyXIIComp.Sc.972020-04-18 19:00:48Open Video
406Shilpi Saxena HOD ITRecursion Part 3XIIComp.Sc.1102020-04-16 23:24:53Open Video
407Shilpi Saxena HOD ITRecursion Part 2XIIComp.Sc.1022020-04-13 21:34:05Open Video
408Anees Karattiyattil,MES DOHADictionary Functions and MethodsXIComp.Sc.1052020-04-13 02:01:37Open VideoAnees karattiyattils vlog
409Anees Karattiyattil,MES DOHADictionaries in PythonXIComp.Sc.1162020-04-13 01:59:44Open VideoAnees karattiyattils vlog
410Anees Karattiyattil,MES DOHALine Graph using matplotlib.pyplotXIIInfo.Pract.932020-04-13 01:56:44Open VideoAnees karattiyattils vlog
411Shilpi Saxena HOD ITRecursionXIIComp.Sc.1102020-04-12 21:29:53Open Video
412Sherlock HolmesIntroduction to Python ProgrammingXIInfo.Pract.1002020-04-12 16:24:45Not Approved or ActivePy Tube
413Sherlock HolmesIntroduction to Python ProgrammingXIInfo.Pract.1092020-04-12 16:24:23Open VideoPu Tube
414Shilpi Saxena HOD ITCSV files XIIComp.Sc.1002020-04-09 15:17:40Open Video
415Shilpi Saxena HOD ITFile Handling Part 9XIIComp.Sc.792020-04-09 00:09:07Open Video
416Anees Karattiyattil,MES DOHAFrequency Polygon in Data visualizationXIIInfo.Pract.842020-04-08 16:33:49Open VideoAnees karattiyattils vlog
417Pathan AijazFundamentals of Python XIComp.Sc.982020-04-08 09:48:28Open VideoYouTube@Pathan Aijaz
418Pathan AijazGetting Started with Python XIComp.Sc.1142020-04-08 09:44:05Open VideoYouTube@Pathan Aijaz
419Shilpi Saxena HOD ITFile Handling Part 8XIIComp.Sc.802020-04-07 17:29:05Open Video
420Shilpi Saxena HOD ITFile Handling Part 7XIIComp.Sc.982020-04-04 23:32:14Open Video
421Anees Karattiyattil,MES DOHA Class XI & XII New Syllabus 2020-21 (Changes Explained)XIIInfo.Pract.1112020-04-04 07:45:54Open VideoAnees karattiyattils vlog
422Anees Karattiyattil,MES DOHA Class XI & XII New Syllabus 2020-21 (Changes Explained)XIIComp.Sc.952020-04-04 07:42:26Open VideoAnees karattiyattils vlog
423Anees Karattiyattil,MES DOHAPython Output Question- Arithmetic operations on Numpy ArraysXIInfo.Pract.1062020-04-04 07:32:06Open VideoAnees karattiyattil vlog
424Anees Karattiyattil,MES DOHAPython Output Question-while loop to for loopXIInfo.Pract.1102020-04-04 07:28:15Open VideoAnees karattiyattil vlog
425Shilpi Saxena HOD ITFile Handling Part 6XIIComp.Sc.972020-04-03 00:04:50Open Video
426Subham Das KVDDPython BlogXIIComp.Sc.1162020-04-02 10:34:57Open VideoTrue Programmer
427Kinjal high school teacherInterfacing Python with MySQLXIIInfo.Pract.1372020-04-01 09:01:21Open VideoThe classroom
428Anees Karattiyattil,MES DOHAPython Output Question-reshape() functionXIIInfo.Pract.1112020-03-29 22:50:12Open VideoAnees karattiyattil vlog
429Anees Karattiyattil,MES DOHAOperations on Numpy ArraysXIIInfo.Pract.1042020-03-29 22:48:21Open VideoAnees karattiyattil vlog
430Shilpi Saxena HOD ITFile Handling Part 5XIIComp.Sc.972020-03-29 17:04:51Open Video
431Shilpi Saxena HOD ITFile Handling Part 4XIIComp.Sc.1112020-03-27 00:11:51Open Video
432Shilpi Saxena HOD ITFile Handling Part 3XIIComp.Sc.1062020-03-25 22:54:20Open Video
433Shilpi Saxena HOD ITDictionaries Part 7XIComp.Sc.1332020-03-24 23:41:26Open Video
434Shilpi Saxena HOD ITDictionaries Part 6XIComp.Sc.1062020-03-24 23:37:48Open Video
435Shilpi Saxena HOD ITDictionaries Part5XIComp.Sc.1222020-03-24 23:36:03Open Video
436Shilpi Saxena HOD ITDictionaries Part4XIComp.Sc.1052020-03-24 23:33:52Open Video
437Shilpi Saxena HOD ITDictionaries Part3XIComp.Sc.1182020-03-24 23:32:14Open Video
438Shilpi Saxena HOD ITDictionaries Part2XIComp.Sc.1052020-03-24 23:30:12Open Video
439Shilpi Saxena HOD ITDictionaries Part1XIComp.Sc.1222020-03-24 23:28:32Open Video
440Adarsh Raj PathakDjango part-2 ,Get and Post Method( as well as theory)XIIComp.Sc.2272020-03-23 15:55:55Open VideoPython Trends
441Adarsh Raj PathakDjango part-1 ,Making first project( as well as theory)XIIComp.Sc.2222020-03-23 15:14:55Open VideoPython Trends
442Shilpi Saxena HOD ITFile Handling Part 2XIIComp.Sc.1272020-03-23 11:44:43Open Video
443Anees Karattiyattil,MES DOHAMethods to Create a Numpy ArraysXIIInfo.Pract.962020-03-22 23:50:38Open VideoAnees karattiyattil vlog
444Shilpi Saxena HOD ITConditional and Iterative Statements XIComp.Sc.1132020-03-22 22:34:35Open Video
445Shilpi Saxena HOD ITFile Handling Part 1XIIComp.Sc.1152020-03-22 20:20:46Open Video
446Shilpi Saxena HOD ITConditional and Iterative StatementsXIComp.Sc.1042020-03-22 19:47:19Open Video
447Shilpi Saxena HOD ITConditional and Iterative StatementsXIComp.Sc.882020-03-22 19:42:33Open Video
448Shilpi Saxena HOD ITPython Libraries Part 5XIIComp.Sc.1192020-03-21 17:10:46Open Video
449Shilpi Saxena HOD ITData Handling XIComp.Sc.8622020-03-21 16:27:30Open Video
450Shilpi Saxena HOD ITData Handling XIComp.Sc.1222020-03-21 16:25:45Open Video
451Shilpi Saxena HOD ITData Handling XIComp.Sc.912020-03-21 16:25:40Open Video
452Shilpi Saxena HOD ITData Handling XIComp.Sc.1122020-03-21 16:23:42Open Video
453Shilpi Saxena HOD ITData Handling XIComp.Sc.1192020-03-21 16:23:14Open Video
454Shilpi Saxena HOD ITData Handling XIIComp.Sc.1162020-03-21 16:19:50Open Video
455Shilpi Saxena HOD ITData Handling XIIComp.Sc.1252020-03-21 16:15:56Open Video
456Shilpi Saxena HOD ITPython FundamentalsXIIComp.Sc.1072020-03-21 16:12:14Open Video
457Shilpi Saxena HOD ITPython FundamentalsXIComp.Sc.1092020-03-21 16:08:30Open Video
458Shilpi Saxena HOD ITPython FundamentalsXIComp.Sc.1102020-03-21 16:08:24Open Video
459Anees Karattiyattil,MES DOHAIntroduction to NumpyXIIInfo.Pract.1192020-03-19 14:56:11Open VideoAnees karattiyattil vlog
460Anees Karattiyattil,MES DOHACyber crime | Society, Law and EthicsXIInfo.Pract.1092020-03-19 02:51:35Open VideoAnees karattiyattil vlog
461Shilpi Saxena HOD ITUsing Python Libraries XIIComp.Sc.1202020-03-17 21:16:20Open Video
462Shilpi Saxena HOD ITWorking with Functions XIIComp.Sc.1062020-03-17 16:10:12Open Video
463Shilpi Saxena HOD ITWorking with Functions XIIComp.Sc.1122020-03-17 16:08:26Open Video
464Shilpi Saxena HOD ITWorking with Functions XIIComp.Sc.1322020-03-17 16:05:44Open Video
465Shilpi SaxenaWorking with FunctionsXIIComp.Sc.1112020-03-17 14:01:42Open Video
466Shilpi SaxenaWorking with FunctionsXIIComp.Sc.1142020-03-17 14:00:39Open Video
467Shilpi SaxenaUsing Python LibrariesXIIComp.Sc.1282020-03-17 13:59:00Open Video
468Shilpi SaxenaUsing Python LibrariesXIIComp.Sc.1082020-03-17 13:57:04Open Video
469Shilpi SaxenaUsing Python LibrariesXIIComp.Sc.1082020-03-17 13:55:15Open Video
470Shilpi SaxenaUsing Python LibrariesXIIComp.Sc.1242020-03-17 13:51:53Open Video
471Anees Karattiyattil, MES INDIAN SCHString Palindrome in Python XIInfo.Pract.1482020-02-23 09:27:49Open VideoAnees Karattiyattils Vlog
472Rekha DeyLearn SQLXIIComp.Sc.2482020-02-12 09:19:04Open VideoSimply Coding
473Rekha DeyPython TutorialXIIComp.Sc.922020-02-07 14:29:48Open VideoSimply Coding
474naveen poriya studentpython class 11 program to input a number and test if it is a prime number XIComp.Sc.1762019-12-07 10:48:55Open Videoplease subscribe my channel for more videos on python-NAVEEN PORIYA
475Anees Karattiyattil,PGT CS,MES INDIpython Modules For class-XIXIInfo.Pract.2962019-11-30 17:03:12Open Video
476naveen poriya class 11palindrome numberXIComp.Sc.1932019-11-24 09:36:55Open VideoNAVEEN PORIYA ANYTHING
477naveen poriyapython profram to find factorial of a numberXIComp.Sc.1652019-10-10 18:11:38Open Videonaveen poriya
478naveen poriyaclass 11 studentpython program to find simple interestXIComp.Sc.2002019-10-09 22:12:50Open
479Shubham soniPython basics programXIComp.Sc.1572019-10-07 10:53:41Open VideoTechy Notion
480ShubhamsoniGetting started with pythonXIComp.Sc.1662019-09-24 19:03:58Open VideoTechy Notion
481ShubhamsoniGetting started with pythonXIIComp.Sc.1522019-09-24 19:02:42Open VideoTechy Notion
482GUESTHow smps works / powerXIInfo.Pract.1582019-09-22 14:19:50Open VideoHarshad Patel
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