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1naveen poriya studentpython class 11 program to input a number and test if it is a prime number XIComp.Sc.42019-12-07 10:48:55Open Videoplease subscribe my channel for more videos on python-NAVEEN PORIYA
2Anees Karattiyattil,PGT CS,MES INDIpython Modules For class-XIXIInfo.Pract.72019-11-30 17:03:12Open Video
3naveen poriya class 11palindrome numberXIComp.Sc.112019-11-24 09:36:55Open VideoNAVEEN PORIYA ANYTHING
4naveen poriyapython profram to find factorial of a numberXIComp.Sc.232019-10-10 18:11:38Open Videonaveen poriya
5naveen poriyaclass 11 studentpython program to find simple interestXIComp.Sc.192019-10-09 22:12:50Open
6Shubham soniPython basics programXIComp.Sc.172019-10-07 10:53:41Open VideoTechy Notion
7ShubhamsoniGetting started with pythonXIComp.Sc.172019-09-24 19:03:58Open VideoTechy Notion
8ShubhamsoniGetting started with pythonXIIComp.Sc.182019-09-24 19:02:42Open VideoTechy Notion
9GUESTHow smps works / powerXIInfo.Pract.182019-09-22 14:19:50Open VideoHarshad Patel
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